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Monday, May 26, 2008

The short and the long of "It"

Here is one of my projects that will have to be a testament to hard work and poor planning. Seized by the desire to cable something, I started this scarf a long while ago with a skein of yarn that my imagination assured me would be enough. You can guess what happened. I started working on it again and I finally had to conclude that there was not enough yarn to make a scarf of good length. I may have already expressed a thought about making it a 2-color scarf, but...I didn't. By the time I took the trouble to measure, "It" was too long to just add the second color and keep going. I would have had to rip out almost two-feet of scarf. I must confess that I also did not take to the cable pattern and had a lot of problems with it. So the temptation to stop cabling won out and I bound It off. I am trying to convince myself that I'm satisfied to have an ascot-length piece. But It still lies in my work basket. As much as I came to dislike the pattern, I still like the idea of the 2-color scarf....

Monday, May 19, 2008

The cat who liked to shower

For some reason, I've been thinking a lot about Howard lately and getting rather weepy. I guess it's the change of season and the reminder of what once was and what will never happen now.

It has been unseasonably hot lately and I wondered if Panda-mama-cat ever followed my husband into the shower. She follows him everywhere else and mews piteously, as well. (I guess it's nice to have a groupie?) Well, Panda has more cat-sense and does not enter the bathroom. Of course, she probably views it as the little room where cat nails get clipped (ME-Ouch!) and cat teeth get examined.

BUT Howard did take showers. He would even step inside when the shower was in use and water was falling hard. If a drop would strike him, he would flick his tail in annoyance but he wouldn't leave. Sometimes he would stay long after the water had been turned off. Most amazing of all, he never really got wet...except for his paws. So when the light hit the tile floor just right, we were able to trace his path. I confess, it used to annoy me to see his pawprints on the bathroom counters.

I sometimes still look, but have never found the dried impressions of wet pawprints. I really miss the tell-tale signs of his misdeeds.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knitting nightmare

I had my first knitting nightmare last night. There was a full moon so the room was too bright. It was just too warm to sleep. The weather is changing from spring to summer this week (65-100 degrees in a mere five days). Every night creature was making its rounds and the perimeter light kept going on-and-off like a neon sign on the side of a skid row hotel. Yes, the perfect set-up for bad dreams. So there I was back at the Holiday Faire and everyone wanted knitted slippers: Not felted Mary Janes, but those lumpy. garter stitch ones that you find at bazaars. Slippers that I had knitted with Red Heart yarns from the Ben Franklin store for every member of my family one year long ago. (No one ever wore them.) Slippers that I was thinking of knitting...again. OH NO! Is it time to find a new pattern?