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Saturday, July 06, 2013


Somehow I over twisted when I plyed the singles. It took time and some weighty persuasion for most of the yarns to relax but the skeins are not yet balanced. One is less twisted than the other for whatever reason. I guess that is something I should be trying to figure out.... ( I think I had the bobbin turned the "wrong" way and it was not the best configuration for plying.)

I might be half-way through the pound of wool now. It doesn't seem possible, because that pound of wool looked like a big, fluffy mountain when I got it out of the plastic bag. We-ell, if I did my math right, we're looking at 376 yards of over wrought 2-ply wool! So if I don't screw up too badly, I will have 750 yards by the end of the Tour.


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