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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Knitting for Baby Birds

Three tiny baby Bushtits nestle into their hand-knitted nest. Photo from WildCare website. 
Birds in knitted nest. Photo by Francoise Samuelson 

We knit for loved ones. We knit bears for children. We knitters have been asked to knit jumpers for Penguins soiled in an oil spill. Now we have an opportunity to knit nests for baby birds.  

If you like knitting, WildCare needs lots more of these soft nests.Click here for a helpful set of knitting instructions. Remember that all nests should be washable and durable-- they get a lot of use during baby bird season at WildCare! Yarn color doesn't matter too much, although muted colors are best. These nests are a fun and worthwhile way to use up extra bits of yarn you have lying around. These tightly-knit nests can also be easily cleaned by throwing them into the washing machine, which is an invaluable component of all the equipment our baby bird foster parents use.

I support WildCare in Northern California, but I'm sure any bird rescue group in your area would be able to use this donation.

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