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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happiness is spinning

I have a new interest. It's spinning. Not the physical fitness kind, but the ancient fiber kind. Even though I'm bordering on ancient, my level of spinning is absolute beginner. When I spun the blue and grey roving, I thought I had too much spin in it. The yarns kinked at every opportunity and it was hard to work out some of those kinks. But, when I plied them, there are sections that have no spin at all. SOB! I think I know why this happened and will have to make sure that the next time I ply, I don't let the counter-spin run up the individual yarns and unspin them. It's always something! Apparently, through complete ignorance and luck,  I have collected three drop spindles of different sizes and, now, purpose. The biggest and heaviest one will be great for plying, my teacher says, while the other two are lighter weight and good for the initial spinning of roving into thin, even (ha!) yarn. (Is that what you call it?)

PS: Yes, poor cropped jacket has been abandoned on the eve of completion. My bad!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Almost a garment

It's almost a little jacket!
I've decided to sew the side seams and then pick-up any stitches to finish it. I'm always drawn to that charming picot edging, but I don't think there is enough yarn for it. I'm down to the last skein and the yarn has been discontinued.  No ebay shopping for me right now.
Also, the fabric is too heavy and busy. A delicate edging will not be noticed. Second choice is either a moss or garter stitch band.
Will it be ready by the end of the month?
I don't know! I am notorious for not finishing what I start.