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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I know we're supposed to be grateful that we have jobs ... and I am ... BUT (of course, there's a but), my wrists hurt so much at the end of the day that I spend my nights in wrist braces. Not much fine knitting getting done. Too much key boarding? Not sure. I didn't think that I got to sit still long enough to injure anything. Must consider my daily tasks more critically. Where did I leave my ergodyne proflex wrist protectors?

Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy New Year

My theory is that I get to wish everyone a Happy New Year for the entire month of January. I believe the Chinese New Year starts later this month so it seems to be an appropriate greeting for some time to come.  As inspiration and, perhaps, an omen that this will be a good new year, the orchids have chosen to bloom now after a two-year dormancy. Life does go on at many unseen levels and choses it's own time to blossom.

Be happy and blessed in the year to come and Bloom! Choose your time to be beautiful!