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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Scribbling

This was the weekend I promised myself I would work on some overdue paperwork, but I ended up scribbling instead!

The Lion pattern worked up really well, but when you're done it is just a scarf. If I do it again, I think I will make it wider so that it can double as a wrap. And increase the number of rows of thin yarn for more of an effect. It is also a very looong scarf since it grows.

Tried again with the blue yarn and cotton crochet thread, this time, with a pattern I downloaded from the Knitty archive. I like the single lines of this wrap. Still not too happy with the edges. (By the way, the scribble runs vertically when the wrap is worn.)

Getting closer to the "dream." This is the Crystal Palace pattern. The long edges are nice because they are cast on and off with the thick yarn. The effect is nice and the scribble runs horizontally like writing. If I do it again (I will, won't I?!), I think another set of thick and thins to increase the width of the scarf will help it. It also tends to grow length-wise and shrink width-wise.

I am beginning to realize that this may be the scarf/wrap to help me let go of (making) those perfect edges. The fabric can be stretched and pulled in many directions to wrap about oneself. And it feels good to have it that way.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Ever since I saw the first example of scribble scarves, I've wanted to try one. Must confess, it's not as easy as it looks. I used wool with a cotton crochet thread per the Mason Dixon patterns. The cotton thread edges are very uneven and not easy to fix. I suppose that is one of the challenges that they warn knitters about when one attempts to knit with yarns that are this extreme in thickness and thinness.

I've already ripped this out. I did find a couple or three more patterns. Lion Brand has a very straightforward scribble scarf of Knit 2 rows, change to other yarn, knit 2 rows, etc. Crystal Palace has a pattern for a scribble scrabble scarf that I would also like to try.

What I did do was to combine the Lion pattern with the Crystal Palace yarn suggestions, particularly the kid merino. The kid merino was easier to work with than cotton thread and holds up well. The results are passable, but the two rows of thick yarns don't do it for me. I want that single fat strand suspended with barely visible thins. So more from me next time on this one....