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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished! Finished!

Two more languishing projects washed, blocked and stored in a cat-proof, gift-stash container. Both scarves were knitted with Bernat's Satin Sport yarn (Light weight 3, 182 yds, 100% acrylic). (Acquired at one of Michael's too-tempting-to-resist sales. Yes, I swore I would be strong, but the discount was huge.) I was afraid the yarn would be a little too soft, but it knit up nicely and feels good and soft to the touch. The variegated pink scarf was knit length-wise (CO 218) in a feather-and-fan pattern. The blue striped scarf is a lace pattern that started straight across and finished with diagonal, pointed ends.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Calla Spring

The calla lilies are exploding out of the ground everywhere in the yard. It's a good thing that they're hearty plants. We haven't quite made it out of the spring frost weather. They freeze at night but seem to reconstitute themselves with no obvious damage when the sun warms the world again.

Making a dent in my works in progress basket. What a process knitter I am! Several scarves only needed to have their ends woven in, but--Oh Dear!--I seem to hate that "chore."

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring Report Card

The project bags finally got to me. There were simply too many of them stashed away in the back of my closet. As I looked into each of them, I could actually still remember the excitement I felt when I first cast on those scarves, wraps, toys.... But here they were now all languishing in darkness for a number of different reasons. The time had come to make a decision about these projects since I had--Ahem!--run out of space to hide them. So I resolved that I would not start a new project until I had finished the ones that I had already started or rewound the ones I couldn't bear into balls of yarn again. (There's only one project in the latter category. A wrap of multiple dye lots because I misread the instructions and didn't get enough yarn the first time. Shocking!I decided to leave it to last.)

Happy to report that since I set myself the goal of finishing what I started, I have completed the Feather-and-Fan scarf. Once I started knitting it again, the work went rather fast. Why had I set the scarf aside in the first place? I think I was having problems with the pattern, but this time it went smoothly, and two-and-a-half evenings in front of the TV later, it's done. I used a red tweed Woolease.

The second scarf in navy and blue-green blocks is taking a bit longer. I have lost the ability to distinguish dark colors at night. And since the lamp interferes with other people's TV-watching, I can only knit this scarf during the day. And who has time to sit around during the day? But it's getting done. The pattern is in Exquisite Little Knits a book that I adore and hope to make all of those scarves in this lifetime.... I have knit the "blocks" before in two colors, as well as in a single color, which was very pleasing.

Following next is the cable scarf that is going to be much shorter than I thought.... Options? Ascot length or--I'm considering--a contrasting color to make a longer scarf.

Happy knitting, All!