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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pleasant Surprises

What are the odds that astrology really works? I admit to owning dozens of books on the subject in general and on my sign in particular. It is always entertaining, but can any of it be true? It didn't help my skepticism when I met someone who had once had a job writing the astrology column for a paper and she admitted that she made things up! After than encounter, just to be sure that I don't influence myself, I made it a point to read the astrology column on the day AFTER. Imagine my surprise when yesterday's forecast said: "...there are just as many opportunities for sudden little ... pleasures to drop out of the sky right into your lap.... Expect some pleasing, juicy surprises."

Surprise #1: I got my hair cut in the morning and on the way to my car I ran into a coworker. Neither one of us lives in the town of my hair dresser so it was a surprise and a pleasure to walk down the street together and talk for a few minutes away from work.

Pleasure #2: I got to see the replica of the Nina, Columbus' favorite ship. It is pretty startling to think of anyone sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in a vessel that doesn't feel much bigger than a tug boat.

Surprise #3: After the Nina, I decided to visit my favorite yarn store. (See there is a knitting thread here after all.) As I turned the corner to the street when the store is, one of my best friends is sitting on a bench RIGHT THERE. She lives 60 miles away! Now this is a pleasant surprise.

Pleasure #4: We decide to have lunch and catch up. We discover that the restaurant we hope to eat at is closed. So we gander about and take the last free outdoor table at a place that is otherwise packed. During our lunch, her husband joins us. It's been years since the three of us have had a chance to sit and talk.

Surprise #5: While we're eating our lunch, 3 other friends of mine "drop out of the sky" to eat at this restaurant. It's always a pleasure to see friends.

Pleasant surprise #6: After we make our farewells, I finally get to the yarn shop. What do you know! They have more balls of a specific yarn that I need... and they're on sale at 40% off!

Can't ask for a better day than that one!