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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cotati Yarn Bomb

Imagine my surprise when I spied this excellent piece of yarn bombing! People were just walking past it like it wasn't there, but I managed to get a pix for us all. Someone went to a lot of work with the stripes, dots, flowers, etc. I wonder if people are hesitant to park their bikes there. Hmmm. I could do some undercover scouting next week, if I can remember to do it. My memory is so bad these days. Oh! Look, Bob, my car is in the snap, too.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knitting at a Reading

I was trying to break out of my rut of home-gotowork-homeagain so last week I decided to go to an author reading at my local book store Copperfield's Books. It was an added incentive that my LYS Knitterly co-sponsored the event. I didn't go home and took myself out to dinner instead. Wow! I was breaking all sorts of patterns. The mighty author who blasted me out of my comfort zone was Rachael Herron. She was promoting her new book A life in Stitches and it seemed like the place to be for a knitter who likes to read. Rachael was delightful! The pieces (not chapters) that she read were funny, moving, and likely to be quite meaningful to any knitter. She also wore a gorgeous Romi lace shawl that I wanted to touch, but didn't. Knitting was encouraged during the reading (how often does that happen?), and the gal at the end of my row was spinning with a drop spindle. Several people not only knew about spinning, but recognized the beautiful Jenkins Turkish Spindle that she had. It was gorgeous. For more from the knitter who writes, read Rachael's blog Yarnagogo. Buy her book, too.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Still on my stash burning mission, but lately the yarns I pick remind me of ... ice cream. Does that ever happen to you?  My nice tan and vanilla ... er, white stripe scarf looks an awful lot like an ice cream sandwich. Perhaps, mocha and vanilla bean ....  It gets worse. I'm working on a lovely, large scarf now that is the very image of my favorite Cold Stone concoction: vanilla with black cherry and chocolate shavings. I'll post a pic one day if I don't eat it first! Ha!