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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breaking news: Baby Blankie Finished

Baby blanket knitted by yours truly has been completed and--this is the best part--my great-nephew is still a baby! You can't imagine how pleased I am by this situation. It will be his "first Christmas" present and I have some books to go along with it. True, he can't read yet and he probably isn't into stories just yet, but one day.... Besides, books are always the right size.

Technical stuff: The pattern is feather-and-fan, which is not so difficult, but I couldn't work on it on a daily basis for hours and hours, so there were incidents of ripping. There was a time that I despaired of ever finishing. I wanted a "lacy" weave with a small gauge yarn so that the blanket wouldn't be so heavy. The yarn is acrylic because I wanted a washable fabric for easy cleaning.

I am working on baby hats now. His father has requested a cap with ... dread locks. Glad that his dad has a sense of humor.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hope You're Better, KD!

Sending you my first gardenia! They're one of my favorite flowers, too, and this is the first one that has ever bloomed for me. And just in the nick of time. We had our first major winter storm yesterday. Lucky that the plant was on the back deck and not in the yard.