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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Stash Busting

This was one of my favorite balls of yarn in my stash (Crystal Palace Yarns Musique-Monet). I bought it at a closeout sale quite a while ago. There wasn't a lot of yardage (approx. 65 yards), so my logical self tried to dissuade my emotional self from getting it, but I loved the mixture of muted colors and purple. Of course, I reasoned that I would find another ball and make something. It took a while, but I finally found and bought a second ball for this project. True, I could probably have knitted up the one into another lacy cowl, but I wasn't sure that I liked this yarn against my neck. It seemed a little too delicate for that abuse. So, I fell back to one of my favorite patterns the Ruffled Scarf (by Nancy Adams). I like the straightforwardness of the ribbing that is balanced with the feminine ruffle. Since the balls were purchased at different times, I knitted them both up together, but I could not see a noticeable difference between the dye lots. This is another favorite yarn that I am having to get used to as a knitted object. The muted tones were too subtle and what happened to the purple strand? I'm working really hard to love my new scarf....


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