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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stash Busting

My stash has grown and multiplied so that I no longer feel that "stash" is an adequate term to describe it. It looks like a mini-store if only I would sell some of the skeins. I confess that I tend to buy the last ball, skein, hank of yarn in a shop. I have joked about opening a store called the Last Skein Stop. (Need one more ball of some yarn? I probably have it.) It was funnier at one time.... Well, with the discovery of the lacy cowl/ neck warmer pattern over Spring Break, I have kept knitting the cowls with a few of those lonely balls in my collection. An interesting thing happened. Yarn that I adored and hoarded became something quite different when knitted up. I was a little surprised with the appearance of the black cowl. It didn't seem as rich when it wasn't wound up in a ball. On the other hand, the light green looked exactly the way I thought it would. It reminds of a a garden trellis, and that is perfect for this time of year. Dark yarn is 100% wool Froehlich Wolle Swiss Chalet (95yds/ball) and the other is a wool blend from Sensations Canditi (Lime, 87 yds/ball). Yes, there is one more ball of that one left!


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